Why Signera?

Simply put, we provide a system that is easy to buy, set-up and use, has the customization capabilities to fit most needs, and continually innovate our product and services to grow into the future. Our first customers are still with us today and we promise to work just as hard for you and your company.


Professional-quality and simple to install

  • Players designed for heavy commercial use
  • Designed to handle all foreseeable software updates
  • Quick and easy with little or no need for IT support
  • Designed to work with virtually any TV or monitor you choose

Cloud-based management

  • No software or servers to manage or support
  • Make instant changes to your sign network from anywhere
  • Software is automatically updated
  • Allows for digital systems integration

Flexible modular structure

  • Provides great flexibility and customization to fit any need
  • Effectively communicate multiple messages simultaneously
  • Multi-purpose areas of the screen and get creative
  • Management of general and targeted content across screens

Multi-level user platform

  • Allows for various levels of access to the system
  • Easily fits your specific needs and users
  • Pinpoint driven admin controls
  • Provides for system oversight

User-friendly interface

  • No software to learn
  • No difficult-to-use and limited timelines or playlists
  • Easiest user interface on the market
  • Designed for all levels of computer literacy

Features developed for practical use

  • Extensive File Integration
  • Set and Forget Scheduling
  • Event Scheduler Module
  • Signera Apps

Designed to handle your future growth

  • Touchscreen Capabilities
  • Off-Sign Communication
  • Highly Scalable
  • On-Going Product Development

Support you can count on

  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unlimited Supplemental Training
  • Custom Design and Graphic Capabilities
  • Custom Programming and Integration Capabilities

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