Connect Your Manufacturing Company

Display dynamic key performance indicators, provide employees with important information, and greet visitors in a high-tech way. Save time and money when communicating and present a professional image. With features designed specifically for the manufacturing industry, we provide an easy-to-use, customizable and innovative solution for connecting your people.

Employee Information Boards

  • Display interdepartmental communication
  • Scroll scheduled messages and notices
  • Post a calendar of company events and trainings
  • Display local time, date and weather

KPI Boards

  • Easily communicate to your production staff
  • Display safety and HR messages
  • Track the progression of various processes
  • Show multiple flyers and videos

Breakroom Boards

  • Showcase your company and capabilities
  • Count up or down to important milestones
  • Easily communicate the value of your company
  • Display employee photos, birthdays and anniversaries

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