Signera is a division of Inspire Communication LLC, a privately held company headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland. We were founded in the spring of 2006 to develop an innovative approach to the emerging digital signage market. After almost two years of development Signera marketed its first version of digital signage software in early 2008.

While other companies concentrated on mostly large system roll-outs that required heavy IT support and learning complicated software, we concentrated on developing an easy to use and manage system. We also worked to develop our product to not only fit the broad digital signage market, but also address the specific communication board needs of core markets. Over the years, we have built a client base powering thousands of signs, while expanding our software capabilities and winning multiple awards.

Throughout the process, we have remained true to our core commitment: our products and services must be built around ease-of-use, be customizable to fit most needs and provide the reliability our clients expect.

We offer a sensible solution for companies looking to improve their communication efforts. Our products are packaged to make them easy to buy, our hardware is designed to be easy to hook-up and provide years of reliable service, and our software is designed to be simple to use by all levels of clients while providing the customization to fit your needs now and in the future.

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  • Development of first modular digital signage platform
  • Designed first user-friendly customer interface
  • First integrated calendar/event scheduler module
  • First modular touchscreen application
  • Introduction of specialty modules, menu, bank rate…
  • First live TV module
  • First Web module
  • First external calendar integration
  • First emergency notification module controlled by mobile phone
  • Introduction of custom graphic services
  • Introduction of text/data overlays
  • WeatherBug integration
  • Introduction of broadcast system
  • First integration with social media
  • Introduction of custom programming services
  • Expanded calendar integration with Google and ClubEssential
  • Introduction of off-sign communication
  • Implemented redundant server cloud platform
  • Start of Signera apps
  • First development of fully functional Linux Stick player
  • Introduction of 4K player technology
  • Expansion of Signera apps
  • Introduction of web snap shot feature
  • Development of image texting to sign
  • Introduction of two-factor authentication
  • Release of Slack integration
  • Introduction of fan-less players
  • Roll-out of 5-year warranties
  • Expansion of Signera Apps
  • Release of Date & Time Widget
  • Release of World Clock Widget
  • Completely new and re-worked back-end interface released
  • More robust File Manager released with complete image/flyer editor
  • Slide Builder feature released in Adaptive Module
  • Release of Template Builder, a fully dynamic and easy-to-use application to aid customers in choosing from a selection of templates
  • Template Builder also lets you easily add border shading and coloring options all while providing an instantly updating preview of your choices
  • Release of Job Board App within Adaptive Module
  • Added the ability to ‘Favorite’ modules making it even easier to find your most-accessed modules
  • Slide Builder revamped to allow editing of existing Slide Builder slides

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