Displays and Enclosures

Commercial Displays

We can provide you with various brands and sizes of interior and exterior displays. Commercial displays are designed for long display times, better brightness and increased longevity. Exterior displays are made to handle the elements in various settings including direct sun, partial sun and shade. Additionally they can provide protection from rain, snow and other elements.

Touchscreen Overlays and Displays

Want to incorporate touchscreen elements in your display? We offer various sizes of touchscreen overlays designed to easily attach to commercial displays and fully integrated touchscreen monitors. For an easy-to-use, customizable, innovative kiosk-like digital sign, pair your Signera system and touchscreen display with a Hopewell Manufacturing custom waist level stand or enclosure.

Blue Mountain Custom Frame Enclosures

Blue Mountain Woodworks produces the highest quality custom frame enclosures on the market. Choose between their Showcase laminate enclosure and their Showcase Elite solid wood, furniture-grade enclosure. Various laminates, woods and stains can be applied to match your interior design. These substantial enclosures include a solid back plate that mounts to the wall and provides openings for electric and Internet.

Hopewell Custom Metal Stands/Enclosures

Hopewell Manufacturing is one of the industry leaders in custom metal enclosures and stands. They offer enclosures/stands designed for both portrait, landscape, room sign and waist-level applications. Additionally, these stands and enclosures can be powder-coated in virtually any color for a great looking durable presentation.