Testimonial from Hickory Hills Country Club

“The Signera frame and screen are stunning and present a contemporary yet sophisticated look for our lobby area. On the user-end, it is incredibly easy to manage and the support team is very responsive to our needs.”


Gabrielle Martin

Director of Marketing & Membership

Hickory Hills Country Club

Since 1934, Hickory Hills Country Club, in Springfield, Missouri, has been providing its members with an experience that is unmatched. By honoring the past while looking toward the future, the club has distinguished itself as a community dedicated to a tradition of excellence.

One of the premier, private golf courses in the nation, Hickory Hills Country Club remains among the most challenging. The home course of Payne Stewart, two-time U.S. Open Champion, Hickory is often called upon to host both regional and state-wide tournaments.

A club that has adapted with the times, Hickory Hills began shopping for digital signage in 2012 in an attempt to “eliminate clutter in the clubhouse, reduce printing and framing costs and create and updated approach to marketing in-house.”

“Prior to the digital sign, we had no signage for upcoming bookings or room allocation and we were using large framed posters on easels throughout the clubhouse for all member event marketing. We liked the idea of consolidating everything into one location, eliminating the unnecessary clutter and providing our members with one central location for all events (not to mention a rotating photo gallery showcasing our members at our events). We were spending quite a bit on the printing and framing for each poster, as well, so the digital sign was a no-brainer in that regard. It presented an updated and contemporary look for our lobby, and reduced the time it took to manage our communications.”

Hickory Hills chose Signera for their digital signage because, “It was important for us to find a quality sign with simple functionality. We needed an attractive solution that would capture the attention of our members and guests, as well as reduce the time spent managing our communications.”

Hickory Hills chose Signera’s ShowCase Elite Wooden Enclosure to maintain the contemporary, sophisticated look of their country club. Their original digital signage layout used Signera’s ProDesign Graphics Package making their transition from box to display a seamless, plug and play. For technical support, Ms. Martin noted, “ it was also important to have efficient training, catered to our needs, and quick responsiveness from technical support.” Included with the Signera Digital Sign Service are unlimited on-line and telephone technical support and training.