• Energize School Spirit
  • Improve Communications & Exhibit Excellence
  • Show Current & Upcoming Events plus Include the Details
  • Provide Both Current Weather and the Forecast
  • Display Scrolling Messages & RSS News Feeds

For Your Students

  • Improve Behavior
    • It's nice to see "your name in lights" – digital signage can encourage students to set new goals by recognizing their past accomplishments. Display a dynamic scrolling Honor Roll or show recent school and student awards. Signera digital signs also keep students commonly informed and involved which improves confidence and character while providing more opportunities to engage and excel.
  • Effectively Inform
    • Signera digital signs captivate and communicate to students by providing an active snapshot of what they need to know along with what they want to know. By segmenting the sign into different areas of informational interests' students can, at a glance, efficiently see current news, reminders, announcements, events and activities. The segments or modules can be dynamically data driven, play live or recorded video, or instantly turned on and off to quickly broadcast emergency notifications.
  • Energize School Spirit
    • Let everyone know when a team won, show the standings when you're on top, or send a rally message before an event. Displaying positive information and messages about your school is definitely one way to jump start excitement and provide an emotional catalyst for a winning attitude. Signera digital signs also visually enhance the schools environment and when you look good you feel good!

For Your School

  • Improve Efficiencies
    • Eliminate the time and cost associated with printing fliers and increase efficiencies by reducing the workload of distributing printed materials. Using energy efficient displays and decreasing management tasks with scheduled and automated content delivery, Signera makes it easy for you to broadcast information and cut the costs associated with your communication efforts.
  • Enhance Communications
    • Facilitate connections between teachers and students by keeping your faculty better informed and up-to-date with recent school news. Use Signera digital signs to display before and after school reminders or directives; allow teachers to control and display messages or promotions through a specific module/segment of the sign; and securely control an instant broadcast of emergency notifications throughout your network of signs, computers and CCTVs.
  • Exhibit Excellence
    • Clean up cluttered message boards and display your messaging with professionalism and pride. Deliver information instantly and keep content current with little to no effort. In addition to effectively communicating with faculty, staff, students and parents, Signera improves your schools image and public perception as a technologically advanced environment that enhances the overall experience with engaging and useful information.